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Process Encrypted Mobile Payments


Mobileauthorize mobile payments for Android Mobile Payments Only: $5.00
(per user/per month)

Mobileauthorize iPhone/iPad mobile payments Mobile & eCommerce: $15.00 Payment Gateway (unlimited users), $9.95 Mobile (per user/per month)

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Encrypted Card Readers: Order your encrypted card reader directly from SaleManager..

Accept Mobile Payments Anytime and Anywhere

Mobileauthorie™ is your complete mobile processing solution for accepting credit card payments both in and out of the office. Swap meets, retail stores, beauty salons, barber shops, street fairs, antique shows, mobile detailing, on-site consultants, taxi cab drivers, tour guides.. the list is endless on who could benefit by offering the convenience of accepting credit cards on the spot and the peace of mind getting immediate authorization for the charges.Mobileauthorize Android payment application  

Mobileauthorie™offers impressive, revolutionary, yet functional credit card charging capabilities for the merchant. It combines the convenience and mobility of an Android device with the power to do business, make sales, and authorize/capture charges anywhere there is a network connection.  

The mobile processing module will process keyed or swiped transactions using cutting edge hardware encrypted card readers, geo-tag locations on the receipt where the transaction occurs, e-mail receipts, capture digital signatures, and perform partial or full refunds within the transaction history log. The application is free to download and incurs no additional per transaction fees.

Select the Android version that meets your specific requirements:

iphone/ipad payment application Download Planetauthorize iProcess Mobile for Swipe Transactions
Accept Credit Card Payments. Planetauthorize.Net Service Required, $12.95 per month/per user, Includes US Merchant Account. Service is available to merchants globally with local merchant accounts, subject to separate approval.

iphone/ipad payment application Download Planetauthorize Mobile for Keyed Transactions
Accept Credit Cards & Optionally Electronic Check Payments. Planetauthorize.Net Service Required, Mobile & eCommerce payment processing. $22.95 per month/Unlimited User License. US merchant account included, Service available globally with local merchant accounts, subject to separate approval..

iphone payment application Download GeniusEX Mobile for Swipe Transactions
Accept Credit Card Payments. No Payment Gateway Required, Requires Capital Bankcard Merchant Account from our office. $7.95 per month. US Merchants Only.

Key Features

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  • Geotag location on payment receipt Geotag the location of the transaction on the receipt.
  • Print or email customer receipts Print or Email customer receipts.
  • Capture digital signatures Capture digital signatures.
  • Add a tip to the total transaction Add a tip to the total transaction, if necessary.
  • Perform full or partial refunds Perform full or partial refunds from the Transaction History Log.
  • Process keyed and swiped credit card transactions Allow you to process both keyed and swipe transactions with our encrypted Swipe Solution.

  • To Get Started

    For more information complete our secure Pre-Sales Inquiry Form. To speak with a customer care representative call SaleManager Merchant Services, toll free, on 1-800-918-4890. To get started simply complete and return our merchant account application located to the left.

Encrypted Card Readers

All mobile card readers are fully encrypted to protect your customer's sensitive payment data. Don't use a competitor's card reader that is not encrypted and easily hacked. Purchase encrypted card readers from within the Planetauthorize gateway control panel. . Contact Us to learn how to get a Free encrypted card reader.

iDynamo card reader for iPhone, iPod Touch and iPadVew iDynamo for iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad
iDynamo card reader for iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad View Mobile Encrypted Card Readers