• Virtual POS Terminal
• EMV Encrypted Card Reader
• Online Dashboard
• Email Receipts
• Standard Printer Support
• Geo-tag Receipts
• Accept Credit Cards
• Accept Electronic Checks

planetauthorize retail

Retail POS Software in the Cloud

Planetauthorize™ Retail is a VPOS solution to accept "swipe" and keyed credit card payments at retail locations with minimal planetauthorize virtual pos expense or technical expertise. All you need is a computer with internet access and an encrypted card reader and you can accept retail swipe and keyed credit card payments.

Planetauthorize™ Retail allows merchants to process transactions anywhere in the world from web-enabled devices. Planetauthorize™ Retail provides an online product catalog so you can provide customers with detailed email receipts. The Virtual Terminal supports various payment methods including ACH, credit cards and debit cards. Using a fully encrypted card swipe reader, our free, browser-based Virtual Point of Sale turns any Internet-connected computer into a point-of-sale (POS) terminal.

Retail, e-Commerce & Mobile

Planetauthorize™ can accept and process your Retail, E-Commerce and Mobile sales. Enhance the customer experience by allowing them to shop they way they want to shop, in store or online. Develop customer loyalty and increase sales by allowing your customers to order online and pick up in store. Traveling... then use the Planetauthorize mobile payment app to service your customers.

Multi-Lingual Payment Platform

Planetauthorize™ is a multi-lingual (English, Spanish, Spanish (Panama), Spanish (Costa Rica), French (Canada)) payment platform so you and your staff can process commerce transactions in your preferred language.

Reliable and Secure

Planetauthorize™ Retail submits all customer transactions over a secure SSL connection. Planetauthorize™ Retail also integrates with Merchant Defender™, providing merchants with a secure end-to-end payment platform. Merchant Defender™ eliminates clear text credit card information from a merchant's environment, regardless of their processing method. Merchant Defender will remove your network completely from handling any sensitive payment data.

In Use All Around the World

Manage and review transactions, configure account settings, view account statements, download reports, and more through a password-protected website: the Merchant Interface. Need integration with your accounting system? Planetauthorize™ Retail provides an export feature for easy import as well as our addon module; SyncPay™ for Quickbooks. SyncPay™ for Quickbooks automatically imports your settled Planetauthorize.Net transactions directly into your existing QuickBooks account.

Improved Customer Experience

Improve your customers' experience by speeding up the checkout process: authorize credit card transactions in as little as three seconds.

Get Started

To accept credit cards with Planetauthorize™ Retail, simply complete and return our Merhant Account Application:

U.S. Merchant Account Application (Apply Online)
Canadian Merchant Account Application (Apply Online)
UK Merchant Account Application (Apply Online)
EU Merchant Account Application (Apply Online)
Australia Merchant Account Application
New Zealand Merchant Account Application
Latin America Merchant Account Application
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International (All Other Countries) Merchant Account Application
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